Monday, 22 August 2011

Back on the wagon...

If I can catch the bloody thing.

Bit of catch up first...left the bloody AD job after 3 weeks of utter torture. As decisions go, taking that job was a bad one. The people I worked for were quite understanding about it, to be fair, and the lucky person who replaced me has got better working conditions, or so they tell me.

I ended up being out of work for almost 2 months. I applied left, right and centre, applying for almost 200 jobs. I had one or two interviews but nothing came of them, and was starting to get desperate. I even went to the job centre in York (although it wasn't as easy as just turning up there and saying I wanted to look for a job...bloody bureaucracy!), but thankfully something did turn up, with a consultancy I've talked to before about work, and who now had a position to fill in York. Oh yes please! They said I may have to work down south for a bit, but then I'd be based near home. Super duper. Shame it never really works like that. Looks like I'll be working down south for 2 years, not just a few weeks or months...Oh well, a job is a job at the end of the day, and I'm still in York for the time being and it's actually been quite challenging and enjoyable.

Shame my health has gone to shit again.

The Abu Dhabi abortion added to my weakness of will meant that most of the good work I did up to the beginning of March has been undone. I went on the Wii Fit the other night and after it had told me off for not using it for 120+ days, it told me I had put over a stone back on. Back in late Feb I had been down to 17 st 3 lbs. Now I am not far off 19 stone again. Bugger.

I have had the gauntlet slapped down again by my brother, with a 20 quid bet to see who can lose the most over 10 weeks. I want to do it, but just can't seem to click my mind into the right mode, as I was able to do back in January. I'm going to make excuses again, I'm afraid...I have another operation to go through!

I'm going for a septoplasty on 2nd September. That's a week on Friday. I have been needing this for a while with my bad breathing, snoring, poor sleep, constant rhinitis and recurrent sinus problems. I'm not looking forward to it, and worry about having to have a general anaesthetic, given my weight and history of irregular heart-beat. It should only be a short op, hopefully, and it should make a real difference. If I can breathe and sleep properly I will hopefully be able to get into the exercise thing with some real effort. I've got myself a bicycle again (thanks to the Bro again), and have had a few blasts on it, but really want to get serious about it, not just a few puffed-out-after-3-mile outings.

So, that's where I am. I sense another crossroads coming up. Please, please, please, let me choose the right path this time, eh?

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