Thursday, 27 January 2011

Day 9

A strange day of contrasts today. Felt good for the best part of it, and found myself bounding up stairs and walking around briskly with an energy I've not had in ages. My belt has had to come in another notch as well, and there's at least an inch between notches.

I'm becoming a bit of a bore at work, I'm afraid to say. My colleagues think I'm slightly mad as I warn them about sugar in things. I was offered mini flapjacks and caramel slices galore today (someone brought them in for their birthday), but just wasn't tempted whatsoever.

The perceived wisdom is really programmed into people: fat is BAD. Sugary isn't. I talk about making my own mayo, and a chap pipes up that it's too much of a faff on and I might as well get the stuff in a jar. I say that it's full of crap, and they say to try the low-fat stuff. I stifle a belly laugh and leave them in disbelief when I tell them that the low-far stuff is probably even worse.

I will now plug some reading material: I'm reading a book called "Trick and Treat" by a chap called Barry Groves. It's about nutrition, health, medicine (some shocking exposes of the health/pharmaceutical industry), all those things I find have played a big part in my life. A LOT of the perceived wisdom would appear to be wrong, and I think I am slowly coming round to the idea that a diet low in starchy carbs is a good one. It's what we're genetically predisposed to eat. There are many people waking up to this. There are loads of books out there. Another would be Gary Taubes's "The Diet Delusion" or "Good Galories Bad Calories" (USA). He has a new one out which is supposedly easier to read than the first, called "Why We Get Fat And What To Do About It".

Enough preaching...back to my day. I was busy, really busy, and felt quite jaded and tired for an hour or so at home. I rushed home and paid a flying visit to Tesco, ostensibly to get some fuel for the car, but picking up some goodies (organic peanut butter, rice cakes, brown rice, fresh prawns) whilst I was there. I wolfed my spicy tea down far too quickly and suffered indigestion again. I need to slow down! I'm going to do some more wii fit in a bit, if I can get the TV remote off the wife...


Breakfast: Blueberries and Greek Yog

Lunch: Veg broth and salad

Snack: nuts

Tea: Chilli Prawn stir fry.


stephencombe76 said...

a decent day
i take it you're drinking lots of
i must get hold of one of those books, i was reading up on Bazza Groves last night. I must say he makes a lot of sense, so many nutritionists seem to give advice they have no foundation for.
anyway i digress.
Shit i forgot what i was going to say

stephencombe76 said...

ah yes i remember
wolfing food down is an issue as well. Partly because it takes time for the brain to register you have eaten and if you chew your food the saliva breaks it down making it more digestible.
i trust you eat tea at the dining table and not on the sofa???

littlejimmy said...

I'm drinking loads of water and yes, I eat at the table.