Wednesday, 19 January 2011

A Tale Of Two Titties...Day 1

Christmas has gone, and the hangover continues.

I went a bit mad, I'm afraid. I ate and drank enough to feed whole African villages for a year. It's a shame, because before Xmas I had lost a stone (14lbs) with the aid of Wii Fit (Rhythm Boxing) and sensible eating. I had hoped not to do too much damage, but was weak and have probably put back 5 to 6lbs of fat.

It's not just the fat that is the problem, it's how I feel. I have been feeling really quite shite for the last couple of weeks. Work has been a struggle, especially the 80-mile round trip. I told myself it was just post-seasonal depression, or the after-effects of the cold that finally got hold of me on Boxing Day, despite my attempts to head it off at the pass.

It culminated yesterday, and I decided enough was enough. My brother has very kindly offered to help me, giving me the benefit of his credentials and knowledge on nutrition and exercise.

As a starting point he has suggested a seriously brutal-sounding detox regime for 2 weeks, which doesn't allow any wheat, alcohol, tea, coffee, sugar, sweetener, and only very limited access to dairy products. There are suggested meals on the plan, but I'm guessing the basics can be used as a framework, and there is some flexibility in the menu. The plan suggests lots of anti-oxidant rich food like berries, spinach and so on. And then there are the banana omelettes. When I try one, I'll report on how it tastes!

And I'm going to get back into the Wii Fit. I will record it all on here.

So, Day 1

Breakfast - Morrisons Extra Creamy Pro biotic Strawberry Yoghurt and a banana.

Hmm. Not the ideal start, as this kind of yoghurt ain't really the one to use. I have now bought some proper full-fat natural stuff for the future.

Lunch - Tomato and Three Bean soup from works canteen.

Snack - Handful of nuts (pistachio, cashew and almond)

Tea - Chicken in a jarred Chasseur sauce with basmati rice.

Not ideal, either. Sauce from a jar? Probably sugar-laden (2.5g per portion, actually) White rice is probably a no-no, although better than pasta. I need to buy some brown rice.

Snack - One carrot cut into sticks and some hummus.

Drinks - 2 cups of green tea and loads of water.

I am meant to drink 3 litres, and I have probably managed 2. I am peeing a lot.

Activity - none today, other than lugging a load of office gear up some stairs. I have had some strange peaks and troughs of energy today, feeling OK sometimes, and even more rotten at other times, especially this morning when I was dying to drink some caffeine!


stephencombe76 said...

3rd attempt at a comment!
well done bro
and you are correct with those assumptions regarding brown rice and jars of sauce etc.
take a pic of yourself in shorts and t-shirt and post the following measurements:
waist, thigh, bicep, chest, and i suppose weight.
happy fat losing

stephencombe76 said...

green tea contains caffeine
do not drink in first 2 weeks!
nice try!

littlejimmy said...

But it says to drink it on the plan you gave me!

stephencombe76 said...

what are you doing up at 00:53 is that the real time?