Sunday, 27 February 2011

On the road

I'm continuing to lose weight, despite not being half as disciplined as I was before. I have the odd nibble of bad things, and even had a fairly big blow-out the other weekend with booze and food galore, but it hasn't stopped the weight coming off. According to the scales I am now 17 stones and 3 pounds. In another 8 pounds I will be out of the Obese BMI category.

I have dug out some old suits from my wardrobe, and found stuff in the pockets of them that confirmed how long it is since I've been able to wear them. One was a nice grey number which is just about a perfect fit, the other was a tuxedo, which will probably fit in another half a stone or so. The last - and only - time I've worn it, was over 8 years ago at a ball in Taiwan. There was still a map of Taipei in the pocket. When I get into it I am going to have my photo taken in it.

I am exercising somewhat sporadically, but my gubro (guru/brother) told me to try the Tabata style of exercise on Wednesday night. It is brutal...involving 8 cycles of four exercises, which you do for 20 seconds full pelt with 10 seconds' break between each exercise. I did push-ups, lunges, squats and shadow boxing and managed 2 cycles before realising my heart was already pumping like crazy and deciding that I'd stop there. My sides and shoulders were sore for a few days afterwards. Having read up on it a bit, it sounds like it could really help the weight loss, but is also potentially dangerous if not done properly. I will proceed with caution!

Ailment-wise, my stomach has been behaving quite well, despite the cheats. I seem to be having a recurrent abscess problem in a tooth, though. It's an upper molar which seems to flare up after colds and nasal blockages. I had the sniffles for a few days, but the cold didn't seem to want to take full hold. Is my body better at fighting things off now? Hope so. It would be good if I can fight off an abscess rather than having to go on more antibiotics or undergo expensive and uncomfortable dental surgery.

Thursday, 17 February 2011

Well, well, not so well...

I hate my guts. They just won't give me any peace. The new meds worked for a few days, but then things came bad again on Tuesday. I suspected that it was the cheat meal I ate on Monday night (deep-fried whitebait, burger, a bit of sticky toffee pud), but it has only just got better today. I had been a bit cheaty over the weekend too, particularly on Friday night, and also drank a bottle of red wine over 2 nights. Can a cheat meal really do this to me, could it be the wine, or were the new meds to blame? I have gone back to the old, weaker anti-acid medication, and things have settled down again.

Maybe my body is just really, really full of rubbish and is still fighting a battle as the last 20 years' worth of crap makes its way out, like a drug addict on serious cold turkey. I really hope that's what it is, because eventually I will come out of the other side and feel great.

The weight continues to come off. Another 2lbs gone, according to the Wii Fit board. I want to do more exercise...especially the resistance stuff to try and build/maintain some lean muscle. I just keep getting struck down with the bad gut episodes and don't have the energy to do any exercise after a long day at work.

Anyway, I've decided that the cheating has to be more controlled, if not eliminated pretty much completely. Maybe I should try and go clean for another couple of weeks and see how my body reacts. It's difficult when social occasions come up, though. There is a family thang on Saturday...meals and cinema-going and probably alcohol...What to do?

Thursday, 10 February 2011

Settle down

Well, the acid and related stomach problems seem to have abated. That's probably the new drugs I'm taking. I guess I'll be on these for a while, until the healing happens. I need more tests and will be having another gastroscopy at the end of March.

In the meantime, I am managing to stick to the same way of eating. I have had the odd deviation, but nothing major. I can't eat massive amounts in one go any more, and to be honest, foods like bread and pasta hold no attraction for me any longer. I don't miss alcohol all that much, and am quite happy to have one, maybe even two glasses, once a week. I do fancy a pork pie, once in a while, mind. It will have to be a cheat meal.

The weight is still coming off. I've lost another 2lbs since last week. My clothes are getting seriously baggy. I do worry that my skin won't shrink back to my new body shape. I am trying to ex-foliate the skin when I bathe/shower. It helps with elasticity, apparently.

Exercise has been a bit scarce, I'm afraid. I had the bad guts for a few days over the weekend/start of the week. I am also feeling very tired after work. My head stuffiness and the related dizziness just refuses to leave me alone, and I still get headaches now and again. Gotta keep positive!

Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Acid House

The doc says I've got severe acid problems in my stomach. Seems there is probably damage in there, possibly even an ulcer. That would explain a fair bit of the way I've been feeling of late, and why it seems to be getting worse and worse. He said that STRESS could well be a factor in the increased acid. So I'm going to be put on more drugs, stronger drugs. I really didn't want to go down this route. I want to be off drugs and pharmaceutical chemicals altogether!

I am a born worrier, I'm afraid. A born stress-head, and it has had some serious implications for my health. I really need to learn to deal with it better. What makes it worse is that having time off work makes my work situation less stable...another stress factor. One of them there vicious circle things.

What's the answer? Anyone who knows....write it on a postcard, please!

Sunday, 6 February 2011

THIS is my life...

Self-indulgent rant time!

I think I may be suffering from depression, or something to do with lack of fresh air and sunshine (I invariably feel better when I'm outside, in the air). Despite the fact that I have been on this "diet" for nigh on 3 weeks and have lost over 2 stone since November, I still feel like shite for far too much of the day. Why is that? I worry that I have some horrible ailment that the doctors are missing, as is my way. I'm sure the blood test results I get tomorrow will show nothing untoward, leaving me thinking that it HAS to be all in my head.

It probably is, to be fair.

I watched a programme about people who emigrated to Australia last night. There was this woman who moved there with her son, who had suffered from SAD in the UK. After only a few months she looked better and said she felt better, with more outdoor living and sunshine. It was certainly food for thought...

Not that I am about to bugger off to Australia at the drop of a hat, of course. The big spiders they have there put me right off the idea.

It made me think about what I do with my life. What IS my life. I get up, drive the hour to work, stare at a screen for the best part of 8 hours, wondering how much longer I can blag it, drive back (another hour...I found out I spend more than 12 hours a week in my car), I have my tea, maybe do a bit of Wii Fit if I feel up to it, then get back in front of two screens...TV and laptop...fucking about on stupid games on Facebook or reading pointless posts on messageboards...till it's time for bed.

Weekends offer little in the way of excitement. Saturday is big food shop day. That's half the day gone. Sunday we take the boy to rugby and then we might get some fresh air for an hour or two. Once a month or so we visit my parents for dinner or something.

I'm telling you, whoever YOU are, right now...if this is what is the rest of my life is going to be like...well, I don't think I can face it. There's no point in getting healthy and fit if I don't make the most of it. I have little to no creative outlet at the moment (I am looking at joining a band again...that might help a bit).

So yeah, maybe I am a bit depressed. I honestly can't believe that this is the pinnacle of human life and civilisation. It can't be, surely.

Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Cheat, cheat, eat, eat...

I had my first cheat meal today for my breakfast. I had to have a blood test at the doctors, for which I had to fast, so hadn't had anything to eat since 8.30pm last night. After the doc I went to a favourite little coffee shop of mine in town and had my cheat meal. It was a bacon sandwich and a large cappuccino. I enjoyed the bacon, but couldn't actually finish the bread. Even though it was supposedly healthy brown bread, it was just too stodgy for me.

I haven't gone off the rails, though. It hasn't made me eat dougnuts, cake, crisps, chocolate and all those other things. I just slipped back into my new mode and ate a lovely ham salad for lunch and chicken wrapped in bacon with home-made tomato and basil sauce for my tea. There was no need for carbs.

I had another half an hour of working out on the Wii Fit tonight. I had weighed myself this morning and it said I was another 2lbs down, at 17st 8lbs. That's ridiculous! Back in October/November I was tipping the scales at 20 stones.

People are starting to notice the difference. My face is slimmer, and my belly is shrinking. It feels good when people notice these things.

Tuesday, 1 February 2011

It's far from over.

This is just the beginning. The battle goes on towards a healthy weight and a healthy life.

I have completed 2 weeks of the detox phase, and haven't eaten an ounce of bread, pasta or other wheaty nonsense, and I haven't had a sip of alcohol. I haven't missed them either, really.

I will continue with this style of eating, but can now have 2 "cheat" meals a week. I'm still unsure how to play that, whether to have them both on a weekend, or split them up through the week. Whatever I do, I am not going to fall off the wagon. I feel much better in myself, although there is still room for improvement. I'm sure that I will feel better and better as the weight drops off and the fitness improves.

I stepped onto the Wii Fit scales tonight and my BMI has dropped again, but only by a few decimal points, and less than a pound. I have lost 13lbs, probably 13 and a half, and now weigh less than 18 stone. That's less than I've been in a long time, and as far as I'm concerned, the only way is down. Coincidentally I have reached the target I set myself at the beginning of November, and have set myself a target of losing another 1 stone and 1 pound in two months, which should be achievable. When that target is reached, I will be out of the OBESE category and into the OVERWEIGHT category according to the BMI scale.

Thanks to my brother, Stephen, for his support and encouragement. Thanks to the wife for cooking my tea when it is often different to what the rest of them have. I hope I can count on continued support from everyone. I also hope I don't bore people at work too much with my new healthy outlook!

Food today:

Breakfast: 3 egg omelette with spinach and peppers

Snack: chicken drumsticks

Lunch: Carrot and lentil soup

Snack: nuts

Tea: pork chop with roasted veg