Thursday, 17 February 2011

Well, well, not so well...

I hate my guts. They just won't give me any peace. The new meds worked for a few days, but then things came bad again on Tuesday. I suspected that it was the cheat meal I ate on Monday night (deep-fried whitebait, burger, a bit of sticky toffee pud), but it has only just got better today. I had been a bit cheaty over the weekend too, particularly on Friday night, and also drank a bottle of red wine over 2 nights. Can a cheat meal really do this to me, could it be the wine, or were the new meds to blame? I have gone back to the old, weaker anti-acid medication, and things have settled down again.

Maybe my body is just really, really full of rubbish and is still fighting a battle as the last 20 years' worth of crap makes its way out, like a drug addict on serious cold turkey. I really hope that's what it is, because eventually I will come out of the other side and feel great.

The weight continues to come off. Another 2lbs gone, according to the Wii Fit board. I want to do more exercise...especially the resistance stuff to try and build/maintain some lean muscle. I just keep getting struck down with the bad gut episodes and don't have the energy to do any exercise after a long day at work.

Anyway, I've decided that the cheating has to be more controlled, if not eliminated pretty much completely. Maybe I should try and go clean for another couple of weeks and see how my body reacts. It's difficult when social occasions come up, though. There is a family thang on Saturday...meals and cinema-going and probably alcohol...What to do?

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