Thursday, 10 February 2011

Settle down

Well, the acid and related stomach problems seem to have abated. That's probably the new drugs I'm taking. I guess I'll be on these for a while, until the healing happens. I need more tests and will be having another gastroscopy at the end of March.

In the meantime, I am managing to stick to the same way of eating. I have had the odd deviation, but nothing major. I can't eat massive amounts in one go any more, and to be honest, foods like bread and pasta hold no attraction for me any longer. I don't miss alcohol all that much, and am quite happy to have one, maybe even two glasses, once a week. I do fancy a pork pie, once in a while, mind. It will have to be a cheat meal.

The weight is still coming off. I've lost another 2lbs since last week. My clothes are getting seriously baggy. I do worry that my skin won't shrink back to my new body shape. I am trying to ex-foliate the skin when I bathe/shower. It helps with elasticity, apparently.

Exercise has been a bit scarce, I'm afraid. I had the bad guts for a few days over the weekend/start of the week. I am also feeling very tired after work. My head stuffiness and the related dizziness just refuses to leave me alone, and I still get headaches now and again. Gotta keep positive!


stephencombe76 said...

Yes keep positive.
I have just helped someone else lose 11 lbs in 12 days. About your skin, you're gonna have some loss of elasticity i'm afraid, I have that issue now. However i dont think it will hang off you like some of the people you see after losing weight, particularly if you add some lean muscle xxx

littlejimmy said...


Nice work on the other person's weight loss. You're becoming a guru!