Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Cheat, cheat, eat, eat...

I had my first cheat meal today for my breakfast. I had to have a blood test at the doctors, for which I had to fast, so hadn't had anything to eat since 8.30pm last night. After the doc I went to a favourite little coffee shop of mine in town and had my cheat meal. It was a bacon sandwich and a large cappuccino. I enjoyed the bacon, but couldn't actually finish the bread. Even though it was supposedly healthy brown bread, it was just too stodgy for me.

I haven't gone off the rails, though. It hasn't made me eat dougnuts, cake, crisps, chocolate and all those other things. I just slipped back into my new mode and ate a lovely ham salad for lunch and chicken wrapped in bacon with home-made tomato and basil sauce for my tea. There was no need for carbs.

I had another half an hour of working out on the Wii Fit tonight. I had weighed myself this morning and it said I was another 2lbs down, at 17st 8lbs. That's ridiculous! Back in October/November I was tipping the scales at 20 stones.

People are starting to notice the difference. My face is slimmer, and my belly is shrinking. It feels good when people notice these things.


stephencombe76 said...

doing remarkably well!
you can have some carbs on a training day, preferably after workout. it helps to reduce muscle breakdown when combined with protein.
its a shame you never took the photos at your start point for comparisons! i guess you could dig out something from xmas time?

mintradz said...
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