Sunday, 27 February 2011

On the road

I'm continuing to lose weight, despite not being half as disciplined as I was before. I have the odd nibble of bad things, and even had a fairly big blow-out the other weekend with booze and food galore, but it hasn't stopped the weight coming off. According to the scales I am now 17 stones and 3 pounds. In another 8 pounds I will be out of the Obese BMI category.

I have dug out some old suits from my wardrobe, and found stuff in the pockets of them that confirmed how long it is since I've been able to wear them. One was a nice grey number which is just about a perfect fit, the other was a tuxedo, which will probably fit in another half a stone or so. The last - and only - time I've worn it, was over 8 years ago at a ball in Taiwan. There was still a map of Taipei in the pocket. When I get into it I am going to have my photo taken in it.

I am exercising somewhat sporadically, but my gubro (guru/brother) told me to try the Tabata style of exercise on Wednesday night. It is brutal...involving 8 cycles of four exercises, which you do for 20 seconds full pelt with 10 seconds' break between each exercise. I did push-ups, lunges, squats and shadow boxing and managed 2 cycles before realising my heart was already pumping like crazy and deciding that I'd stop there. My sides and shoulders were sore for a few days afterwards. Having read up on it a bit, it sounds like it could really help the weight loss, but is also potentially dangerous if not done properly. I will proceed with caution!

Ailment-wise, my stomach has been behaving quite well, despite the cheats. I seem to be having a recurrent abscess problem in a tooth, though. It's an upper molar which seems to flare up after colds and nasal blockages. I had the sniffles for a few days, but the cold didn't seem to want to take full hold. Is my body better at fighting things off now? Hope so. It would be good if I can fight off an abscess rather than having to go on more antibiotics or undergo expensive and uncomfortable dental surgery.

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