Monday, 31 January 2011

Nearly there...

Tomorrow is the last day of the first phase of this new way of eating. I've felt reasonably good again today, aside from the odd half-hour here or there. I really think it's to do with my sinuses. Maybe my improved diet will help me.

So it was back to work, and today I tried a new approach to the snacking. I took a couple of chicken drumsticks I'd cooked last night with me as a mid-morning snack, and it definitely helped my energy levels stay constant. I had lunch a bit later than normal, then a late-afternoon snack of nuts, before having tea at about 7pm, AFTER a blast on the Wii Fit (step/hula/push-up/box) that was meant to be a quick weight check and 10 minute blast but ended up as almost 30 minutes of working out. Such are my energy levels, I just feel myself wanting to do it.

As for the weight, that's another 1lb off. That makes 13lb since the diet started, and overall since I got Wii Fit, I have lost around 2 stone (28lbs/13kg).

Food diary:

Breakfast: Greek yog, strawbs, bluebs

Snack: 2 chicken drumsticks

Lunch: 3 bean, tomato and bacon soup with side salad

Snack: nuts

Tea: Mackerel stir fried with veg and a few rice noodles.

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