Saturday, 22 January 2011

Dave Oar

Have had a relaxing day today, playing X-Box with the boy and just generally chilling. I'd like to start feeling better. The headaches aren't as bad, but they're still there. I don't know if it's my sinuses acting up, the toxins coming out or what. My mentor says it could be both.

The good lady did the food shopping today, and came back with a mass of fresh veg, organic yoghurts and little things to add flavour to dishes (chilli flakes, ginger, etc). I expected her to tell me it had cost a fortune, but it had cost no more than usual. Surprising. I still need to get some rice noodles, organic rice cakes, maybe organic, sugar-free peanut butter...if I can find it.

So, food today:

Brekky: Banana omelette with cinnamon. I was surprised how nice it was.

Lunch: Pork strips fried in a bit of olive oil with onion, mushroom and a couple of left over cooked new potatoes. I mixed a touch of the full fat yog and a tsp of grainy mustard to give it some flavour.

Snack: Nuts!

Tea: Organic sausages (Debbie & Andrews make, wheat free) and some stir fry veg, livened up with some chilli flakes, garlic and ginger. It was really quite nice. I could end up living on stir-fries.

Snack: Carrot and hummus.

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stephencombe76 said...

organic sugar free peanut butter should be with the normal sun pat crap!