Tuesday, 25 January 2011

We're halfway there...

We're living on a prayer. One week down, one to go.

Much, much better day today...well, from 3pm onwards. Up until then I felt OK then pretty rough after lunch. I'd even gone for a little walk outside on my way to the canteen, but after eating I was really sleepy. My stomach settled down eventually, though.

After 3pm I just seemed to get a new lease of life. It might have been going to a different office/site at work. Who knows? It lasted all the way till home time, and tonight I was really keen to get on the Wii Fit and had a good 30 minute blast, doing some step aerobics, a couple of muscle things (lunges, twists and tricep lifts), some hula hoop and a good blast on the medium level of rhythm boxing. My heart was going quite fast at the end, but some yogic deep breathing got it back under control.

Talking of my heart, I hate to tempt fate, but the old tickerooni has been on amazingly good behaviour of late. I used to have at least one ectopic/PVC a day, but they seem to have all but disappeared, or just aren't big enough to notice. Coincidence? I think not.

My cravings for crap have gone as well. Not completely, but on day 3 or 4 I was dying for a capuccino and a muffin or such like. Now I can smell naughty food and it doesn't bother me a lot. I don't find myself hungry at all. I'll still make sure to treat myself at the end of this 2 week "induction" phase, of course.

As for my weight, I have now lost 10lbs since starting this diet. In a week. I am under 18 stone for the first time in years. My mentor tells me this is not unusual for someone who has a lot of weight to shed in these early stages.

So, food:

Brek: 3 egg omelette with spinach and peppers

Lunch: Scotch broth with dry side salad

Tea: Roasted veg (carrot, parsnip, pepper, courgette, sweet potato) with hummus and a couple of slices of ham

Snack: Greek Yog with a few blueberries and 2 strawberries.


stephencombe76 said...

Christopher you are doing extremely well.
Keep it up :-)
Hopefully you will maintain the lifestyle change with the odd treat added.

littlejimmy said...

Thanks, broseph!