Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Week 2 begins

And I'm finally feeling quite...normal. Normal is good for me, given that I have felt so shite for so long.

There have been a few headaches and a bit of indigestion, but nothing remarkable or debilitating. I hope it continues.

Even the mega-stressful environs of work haven't ruined the day for me. I got over the highly-fraught meeting I had this afternoon quite quickly and rushed home to get my tea.

Food today:

Breakfast: Yogurt and berries and seeds

Lunch: Jacket spud with mexican chicken, onion, carrot, cucumber

Tea: Home-made bolognese-style mince, mashed sweet potato and a few roasted veg left over from last night

Snack: Nuts


stephencombe76 said...

quite good
i would attempt to have something less starchy at lunch
i take it you eat from the canteen?

littlejimmy said...

You are quite correct. I'm trying to only have jacket spuds every two days or more. The canteen choice can be somewhat restrictive, and soup isn't always good or even available.

I suppose I could have a salad with meat or something like that.

stephencombe76 said...

i tend to have leaves such as spinach or lettuce with butter beans, or chickpeas or aduki beans or bean salad with peppers, onions, cucumber and stuff with a can of tuna or summat. perhaps a chicken thigh or two.
some days i will have a sweet potato (microwaved) with baked beans and cottage cheese