Friday, 21 January 2011

Three Steps To...?

I think the headaches and general feelings of grottiness are subsiding. A bit. I am sitting here typing this and my guts don't feel wonderful, to be honest. A little bit ropey. I am hoping this is just another side-effect of the detox.

I managed to do some exercise tonight. Nothing too heavy, of course, just a quick blast on the Wii Fit...a few minutes of rhythm boxing, kung fu, basic step and a couple of yoga poses...20 minutes of actual working out in total. I felt OK afterwards, so I'm glad I got going again. Oh, and the wii fit board told me I was 18 stone 7lbs, which is only 2lbs more than I was before the Xmas blow-out. One would hazard a guess that one has already lost a few pounds since Wednesday!

Today's food:

Breakfast: Full fat natural yoghurt with mixed berries and a sprinkle of mixed seeds.

Not much to it, but it was tasty and kept me going till lunchtime.

Lunch: Veggie Soup and side salad (lettuce, cucumber, tomato, onion, carrot)

Was worried with it being cream of veg, but I don't think there was any milk in it.

Snack: handful nuts

Tea: 2 small pork steaks and roasted veg (carrot/parsnip/pepper) and 2 small boiled new potatoes.

I might try the banana omelette tomorrow...

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stephencombe76 said...

how do you know there was no milk in it?!?!?!
you must check or you wont detox proper like
on a positive note you are doing very well in other aspects.
since the only measure you have put on so far is your weight is suggest we start with a target of losing 2lbs a week for 8 weeks
also i think you should aim to lose 2 inches around your waist in that time.