Sunday, 30 January 2011

The weekend comes, the motor hums...

bringing more cake to me. Well, near me. It was offered but refused...again. Why does everyone have to have birthdays when I'm doing this diet?

Anyway, I found myself going along to food shopping yesterday, and the shopping bill increased by about 60% on last week. Such is the risk of having me along, seeing this and that on the vegetables to try, chicken drumsticks to take to work as a snack...the wife knows that it's dangerous to have me with her now.

It would have been nice to be able to have a cheat meal this weekend. As I said, birthdays were on the agenda (my sister-in-law's), so we had a Sunday roast at the in-laws' house. I had pork, roast parsnips, carrots, cauliflower, 1 small plain boiled potato and NO gravy, stuffing or Yorkshire Puddings to start. I just sat in the living room during the starter. Maybe another time.

More temptation could have surfaced at rugby training (my boy's, not mine, I hasten to add). Bacon sarnies and cups of coffee are the order of the day from the clubhouse on most occasions, but this time I stayed out of the club and went to get the car washed before watching a bit of the training.

It wasn't too hard to resist. My resolve this time has been pretty unshakeable. It's just a shame I still feel crappy for periods of time. I don't know what it is, I just hope they reduce as I get leaner and fitter.

Another week beckons, then. I am looking forward to getting to Tuesday night and feeling like I've achieved something. I'm not going to go crazy, I'm going to stick to the prescribed 2 cheat meals a week.

So, food diary for the weekend:


Breakfast: Omelette with bacon, spinach and peppers

Lunch: Veggie soup

Tea: Home-made burgers, sweet potato chips and hummus

Snack: Can't remember if I did, actually!


Breakfast: Smoothie (using new smoothie maker procured on Saturday) made with banana, frozen berries and greek yoghurt. Yummy!

Lunch: Roast pork with veg (as described above)

Tea: Small burger left over from last night with small stir-fry veg portion

Snack: rice cakes with PB

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