Friday, 28 January 2011

Er...what day is it?

Friday already! The weekend! My second on the detox diet. Jeez, it's going quickly. It's been a manic week at work, and a drink would be nice...a large glass of red wine. But, I don't really mind that I'm not going to have one. I can wait.

Of course, I could choose never to have another glass of wine again. Or a spoonful of wheat or sugar. Maybe that would be the best way. As Gary Taubes said in an interview, we should treat these bad carbs like drugs. You wouldn't say to an alcoholic, "OK, go and have one or two drinks."

Food for thought...although I do have 3 and a half bottles of whisky left to drink from birthday and Christmas!

Still, today was mixed again. I felt OK most of the time, but quite tired in the afternoon. I'm not sure if I'm eating enough through the day. You'll see what I mean from my food diary. I may have to address this and change my eating times to keep my energy levels stable. I'm sure my mentor can advise.

I also had another attack of loose bowels this morning - just a one off, seemingly. I suspect it's IBS. It seems to flare up now and again, especially during times of stress. Work, as I said, has been manic this week.

And I had another indicator that my health is heading the right way. I went to have my blood pressure checked this morning and it was 130 over 88, if I remember correctly. Even with all the stress, it is as low as it has been for years. My dream situation would be to be able to get off the multiple medications I take. Beta-blockers, Acid reflux reducers, BP reducers, antihistamines...I rattle in the morning after I take all the tablets.

Another pound and a bit has come off as well, according to Wii Fit. That's 11 or 12 off, something like that. I had a good 30 minute session again tonight. It was quite a bit of yoga and muscle work, with a quick step aerobic blast at the end. I used the Routine function, telling it I wanted to work on my hips, thighs, waist, shoulders and so on, and it chucked a selection of exercises at me. Enjoyed it. And variety is always good, I think.

Food today:

Breakfast: Greek yog with mixed berries and a pinch of seeds

Lunch: Three-bean soup and side salad (is beetroot OK?)

Snack: Nuts

Tea: Organic sausages with roasted veg.

I might have a rice cake with some of the organic peanut butter in a bit. I had one last night and it was yummy.

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stephencombe76 said...

snack between breakfast and lunch
seeds or summat like that, or your rice cake with peanut butter pehaps.
to be fair it looks like you're eating enough to me. might be a case of eating your snack to during the working day and not having one at night, unless its summat like quark.