Sunday, 19 May 2013

See See CC Photography

Now that I'm settled into my new flat overlooking the harbour of a lovely coastal town in East Fife, Scotland, I am getting back into my photography...and in quite a big way. I have bought some filters for landscape/seascape shots and have a list of lenses and other kit I would like to get. My skills are improving through a lot of reading and basically trial and error. Taking photos is a process I enjoy. There is a lot of patience required, which isn't a natural thing for me, but I guess it is teaching me to be patient. I might get only 2 or 3 decent shots from a "shoot" of 30 exposures, and then have to go through the Lightroom processing, which I quite enjoy. Some people tell me they think it's almost cheating to do stuff to photos in processing software, but I don't see it that way. Other artists like musicians use enhancements and effects to improve their work, so why can't photographers?

Anyway, as my skills are improving, people's feedback is getting more encouraging...the real reward of this hobby. It feels good when people appreciate your work. And now I have a Facebook page for my photography along with flickr and 500px profiles. Here is a link to my FB page:

And here are a couple of my latest images:

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